Auxiliary equipment

<1> Box-type substation
The intelligent prefabricated substation is usually called “Box-type substation”. It consists of high voltage unit, cast power transformer, low voltage uni, metering unit and intelligent system, which is used as the transformation and distribution system for building, residential district, industrial and mining business, shopping malls and hotels, large construction site, public works and temporary construction site, etc.

<2> Oil pump, air pump and water pump
Oil pump pressure: 2.5Mpa-16Mpa
Water pump pressure: 0.2Mpa-1Mpa
Air pump pressure: 0.2Mpa-1Mpa
The dynamic control cabinet for various kinds of oil pumps, air pumps and water pumps, can be controlled automatic and manually, and can be equipped with soft starter if necessary.

<3> Water filter
There are three kinds of water filter as ZLS, DLS and LS series. With this water filter, the type is various, size is small, water-filling value is large and running safely and reliably. It is widely used as filter device in filtering cooling water for the generator and bearing cooling water for the turbine. And it also can be used in other water supply system. ZLS series water filter is automatic dirty drainage; the motor driving butterfly valve is fixed on the dirty drainage port. IN running condition, the running of filter tank and the opening of butterfly valve are controlled by time or signal given by difference pressure controller. When the time or difference pressure reset, the filter tank stops and the butterfly valve closed. The running of DLS series water filter depends on operating motor and drainage in manual. The running of LS series water filter depends on operating handle and drainage in manual.

<4> Main valve control cabinet
The main valve control cabinet consists of butterfly valve control cabinet and ball valve control cabinet. Simple in structure, easy in installation and maintenance, convenient in operation, it can be controlled in center room or by the cabinet automatic. It is widely used in controlling the main valve of the generator open and close. It can be operated automatic according special operation program, and give the signal to display the position of the main valve.

<5> Speed signal device
Our microprocessor speed signal device adopts 51 series MCU as the core control part. Highlight LED, watchdog circuit, imported relay, anti-jamming power module, standard slot form structure make up the hardware system. It has the following performances: high reliability, excellent anti-jamming and easy operation. This type signal device can be used in power plant for generator control and protection. This device can adapt to wide signal sources: generator PT, CT or fluted discern. It can save the current Max. value of the generator frequency; This brings convenience in load rejection test and accident overload analysis. The user can adjust the set valve easily according to requirement. It also can alarm when fault accrued.

<6> Other auxiliaries
SUNTC supplies voltage transformers at different voltage levels and current transformers at different current levels, photoelectric and electronic type voltage transformers and current transformers, and also all kinds of electric wires, optical fibers, diesel-driven generators, small size single-phase synchronous generators and other auxiliaries used in the hydropower plant.