Sub-station Equipment

The Switch Cabinet is a kind of electrical equipment; outer lines firstly enter the master control, switch inside the cabinet and then enter the sub-control switch. Each shunt are set according to their needs, such as instrument, automatic control, motor magnetic switch, all kinds of AC contactor, etc. Some are equipped with high and low-pressure chamber switch cabinet, high voltage bus in power plants etc. Some also have under frequency load shedding to protect the main equipment.

Classification of switch cabinet:
According to the voltage level: AC1000V and below is called low voltage switchgear (such as PGL, GGD, GCK, GBD, MNS etc); AC1000V and above is called medium voltage switchgear (such as GG-1A, XGN15, KYN48 etc) and the 10kV voltage in the high voltage switchgear is called high voltage switchgear (for example KYN61-40.5).
According to voltage waveform: AC switchgear; DC switchgear.
According to inner structure: Withdrawable switchgear (such as GCS, MNS etc.); Fixed switchgear (such as GCK, GGD etc.).
According to application: Incoming cabinet; Outgoing cabinet; Measuring cabinet; Compensating cabinet (capacitor cabinet); Turn corner cabinet; Bus cabinet.

KYN61-40.5 high voltage switchboard is used for complete distribution equipment of power plants, transformers and hydropower plant systems. The device is equipped with “Fail-safe system”.
Rated voltage: 35KV
Max. working voltage: 40.5KV
Max. rated current: 1000A
Rated breaking current: 16/20/25/31.5kA
Rated closing current: 40/50/63/80
Limited make-break current: 40/50/63/80
Grade of protection: IP2X

GCK, GCS and MNS series low voltage withdraw able switchgears are applied to the distribution system of power plant, substation, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, traffic energy and high-rise buildings.
Rated voltage: AC380V AC660V
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated current of busbar ≤5500A
Rated short time withstands current of busbar: 50,80kA/1S
Rated peak withstand current of busbar: 105, 176 kA/0.1s
Grade of protection: IP4L0

High frequency switching DC power supply device
Apply to the field of thermal power plant, hydropower station, transformer substation, switching station, pumping station, industry and mining and railroad etc. Provide high-power DC power supply to DC power equipment.
Rated input voltage: 3 phases 4 wire AC323-475V, frequency 50/60±10%
Rated output DC voltage: 110V, 220V
Rated output current: 6A-500A
Rated capacity of battery: 38Ha-3000Ah
Stabilized voltage precision ≤±0.5%
Stabilized current precision ≤±0.5%
Ripple factor ≤0.1%
Non-current sharing ≤5%
Power factor ≧0.98